Friday, March 12, 2010

Last of my appointments in my town, Tracy, CA

Today was my last NST and Ultra Sound at the hospital in my city. I think the nurses are glad to be done with my little guy. He is ALWAYS a struggle to get a NST because he moves A LOT. It's never a quick visit for me. I am usually there for 2 or more hours trying to get a good reading for the doctor. It's going to be weird not delivering here because I have got to know the nurses and my OB/GYN and really like them! Next week I'll have two NSTs at UCSF and my first OB appointment with the doctor who will deliver Austin. Hopefully they'll make me feel just as comfortable as the staff here in town.

During my ultra sound today the tech took a picture that looks like Austin praying. It is precious! That is one great thing about all these appointments, I get tons of ultra sound pictures :).


  1. the picture of Austin is precious. Nayeli gave me a thumbs up on her last ultrasound. Is your Dr. going to be Dr. Rand? I am here if you need to talk. Stay strong and remain positive. there will be times when you will have a dark cloud over you, put that aside and stay stong. Don't ever give up hope!

  2. What a cute picture! Hope you have a safe trip!