Thursday, March 18, 2010

All settled in San Francisco

We are settled in S.F. now. I had an NST yesterday and another tour of the NICU. There was a baby girl with CDH there that we got to see. It'll be a total different experience seeing our baby there. It seemed kind of crowded this visit. Hopefully they'll make room for A.J. next week :). We met with the social worker and she keeps reminding us of the negative, URGH! I just want to say, "I KNOW but I am not willing to hear that right now"! Instead I stay calm and just focus on positive thoughts. I have no choice. Not even the doctors can predict how well Austin will do. It's so hard to see him so active in the ultra sounds making breathing motions as if he's perfectly fine. I know that won't be the case when he arrives but I strongly feel he's going to surprise many.

I find myself a little emotional since I've arrived. I had planned to do some tourist stuff but just haven't been up to it, kind of spacey lately. Tomorrow I have another NST and an OB appointment. I am trying to gather up any last minute questions I may have. With my forgetfulness lately, I can't seem to remember what I wanted to ask and, of course, haven't wrote any of it down.

Next Tuesday evening at 8pm, 3/23, I will be admitted. I can't believe how quickly this date is approaching! I really appreciate everyone's support and PRAYERS. Please please keep them coming! We went to a little burrito spot for lunch today and the lady behind the counter asked about my baby and I briefly explained the situation. She was so sweet and said a prayer with me right there at the cash register. I've never been a big religious person but this experience has definitely brought me closer to God.


  1. Glad that you made it, my husband got a notebook that we would write everything down in. That was really helpful, I couldn't remember much! Thinking of you and your little man this next week!

  2. So glad you are settled into SF. Thinking of you and Austin!
    I think that you CAN tell the social worker to please not say anything negative. The social worker is just there to supposedly support you, and that should be on your terms. Our social worker was always just telling me how beautiful I and Dakota looked and helped hook us up with free vouchers with food, or arts and crafts to do at the hospital, or just listened to me whine. They are not doctors and they are not supposed to give you prognoses. I wouldn't let anybody around me say anything negative and I made it clear to everybody, including my poor husband, that I wasn't going to listen to it. I think it really helped me. Some people believe its better to expect the worse and then be pleasantly surprised, but I think that would have made me crazy! Stay positive! You are in a good place and Austin will show them all!!!!!!!!!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor

  3. I will be thinking of you guys and praying for little Austin!! I know that you are so excited and scared all at the same time - those emotions are so very hard! In the meantime get settled and start preparing for Tuesday!!

  4. I'll be thinking of you! Keep us posted on how everything goes and stay positive... my doctor is a Negative Nancy sometimes so I understand your feelings towards the social worker. You can still be realistic AND think positive thoughts!

    Try to get out and visit the sights. I was in San Francisco this time last year and it was so beautiful. I'm from the midwest, so the beaches and hills were amazing to me!

    Good luck with everything and I'm looking forward to updates!

    Bonnie (from CHERUBS)

  5. I remember that social worker doing the same thing to me. So I just blocked the negative and basically stopped listening to her. Stay strong and positive.
    Austin will come out fighting!!

  6. I agree with all here who said things to block or tell this social worker to be positive or don't say anything at all. Hmmmm...think that was something my grandmother said to us, "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything." We are all so aware of the worst so staying positive is what is best now.

    Sending you thoughts and prayers and sending Austin some LUNG FUNCTION chants!

  7. Oh Nichole just block her out. I know things will work out for the best for you and baby Austin. I will be thinking of you and baby Austin on Tuesday night and will be saying a little prayer for the both of you. Try to relax and stay calm during this time. Call me if you need anything.

  8. I have been thinking of you all day.